• CosmotheChocobo

    Wiki reconstruction

    January 14, 2019 by CosmotheChocobo

    Hello to everyone reading this (quite a few, I'll be guessing). I'm Cosmo the Chocobo, long for Khosmo. I consider myself a veteran editor on FANDOM. I had an old account and was one of the main editors on Club Penguin Wiki at some point, until I forgot my account and the email I registered it with, hence this account came into existence. Nowadays, you can mostly see me editing on the Arrowverse Wiki.

    Seeing as how Undead Jastus, the founder, is already inactive (his last edit being 12:47 UTC, May 6, 2018), I decided that I'd like take up the responsibility in building up this ragtag of a wiki, before I fulfill my desire to adopt this wiki.

    If you support me or otherwise, or if you'd like to suggest something, please do comment below or cont…

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