A SEAL at HeartA SEAL at Heart (first dimension)A SEAL at Heart (second dimension)
Anne ElizabethAnne Elizabeth (first dimension)Anne Elizabeth (second dimension)
Anne FrankBabyface KillerBayfield University
Bayfield University (first dimension)Billy SlaughterBlaine Kern III
Breaux MartBrenda CurrinCaleb Spillyards
Cariella SmithCarter DavisCarter Davis's father
Carter Davis (first dimension)Carter Davis (second dimension)Charles Aitken
Danielle BousemanDanielle Bouseman (first dimension)Danielle Bouseman (second dimension)
David GelbmanDavid Gelbman (first dimension)Donna Duplantier
Dre MorganDre Morgan (first dimension)Dre Morgan (second dimension)
First dimensionFrankFrank's owner
GiGi ErnetaGregory ButlerGregory Butler (first dimension)
Gregory Butler (second dimension)Happy Death DayHappy Death Day 2U
Happy Death Day WikiHe Slept on 57He Slept on 57 (first dimension)
He Slept on 57 (second dimension)Helen KellerIsrael Broussard
Jason BayleJen (first dimension)Jen (second dimension)
Jessica RotheJimmy GonzalesJohn Tombs
John Tombs (first dimension)Julie GelbmanJulie Gelbman (first dimension)
Laura CliftonLori SpenglerLori Spengler (first dimension)
Lori Spengler (second dimension)Missy YagerMultiverse
Phi VuPulse of PowerPulse of Power (first dimension)
Pulse of Power (second dimension)Rachel MatthewsRamsey Anderson
Ruby ModineRyan Phan (first dimension)Samar Ghosh
Samar Ghosh (first dimension)Samar Ghosh (second dimension)Second dimension
Sisyphus Quantum Cooling Reactor (first dimension)Stephanie ButlerStephanie Butler (first dimension)
Stephanie Butler (second dimension)Suzanne BrockmannSuzanne Brockmann (first dimension)
Suzanne Brockmann (second dimension)The PendulumThe Pendulum (first dimension)
The Pendulum (second dimension)Tim BauerTim Bauer (first dimension)
Tim Bauer (second dimension)Tran TranTree Gelbman
Tree Gelbman (first dimension)Tree Gelbman (second dimension)
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File:HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HDFile:Happy Death Day 2U - Official Trailer (HD)File:Happy Death Day 2U - Official Trailer 2 (HD)
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File:Stephanie Butler (first dimension).pngFile:Stephanie Butler (second dimension).pngFile:The Pendulum.png
File:Tim Bauer (first dimension).pngFile:Tim Bauer (second dimension).pngFile:Tran Tran.png
File:Tree Gelbman (first dimension).pngFile:Tree Gelbman (second dimension).pngFile:Tree and Gregory startled by Stephanie knocking.png
File:Tree and Gregory surprised by Stephanie again.pngFile:Tree and Kappa making fun of Becky.pngFile:Tree asking Tim for the current date.png
File:Tree back in the loop and having a tantrum.pngFile:Tree confusing the crowd.pngFile:Tree declining the student protester.png
File:Tree dying for the first time.pngFile:Tree ending her affair with Gregory.pngFile:Tree entering late for Gregory's class.png
File:Tree explaining her time loop to Lori.pngFile:Tree finding her killer and the killer behind her.pngFile:Tree giving Carter a confused look.png
File:Tree guessing how Lori learned her birthday.pngFile:Tree having deja vu because of Danielle.pngFile:Tree in a trance on the school masks.png
File:Tree looking at the music box closely.pngFile:Tree roasting Tim.pngFile:Tree screaming at Sigma boy for help.png
File:Tree warning Carter not to spread word.pngFile:Tree watching her and her mom's birthday.pngFile:Wiki-background
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